September 25, 2021

Replacing your garage door ?

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1. Add value to your home by replacing your garage door.

The value of your home is determined by the installations which are high quality. Therefore an old garage door will be a bad idea; potential buyers will not want to look at your home twice. On the other hand a new garage door, properly fitted, insulated and strong has a tremendous curb appeal to your home. The garage door is right on the front head of your home so it’s among the first noticeable structures when someone is walking or driving into your home. Consider also replacing your old garage door with a modern stylish zero maintenance doors, with modern colors and variety of windows. Replacing your garage door will make real estate agents start falling in love with your home since you will have given it a high deserved value.


2. Reduction in utility bills

replacing your garage door can save you money An insulated garage door has significant amount of warmth to the interior of the garage. The heat is necessary to ensure the valuables stored inside stay in a good state without any damage resulting from humidity or cold. This also reduces the amount of heat you might need in the surrounding rooms thereby saving the energy you would have used to heat them up. If your garage is warm you can as well use it for other activities such as studio or children’s playroom. You just have to make it well conditioned and good lighting to avoid the injuries.


3. Ensure security risks are eliminated

Replacing your garage door improves the security of your belongings locked up in the garage. The old garage doors are easy to break by criminals and burglars or drill through. The metal insulated doors are very strong and reduce the risk of breakage. An old garage door will be making some noises during the night since it’s not stable which may not be very pleasant. The purpose of a strong new garage door is to make it extremely hard for the potential criminal or thief to get into our garage and as a result the alarm will go off in time before any further damage.


4. Lowers the maintenance cost

An old garage door will be breaking and jamming frequently, thus repairing is inevitable. This will cost you more time and money therefore to cut all these costs consider replacing it with a completely new one. The metal doors have low maintenance cost and it will be wise to have a reliable door which is economically sustainable. The issue also of having to call the technician to do the repairs every now and then is weary. A new prefinished garage door color will only require water and soap to keep it clean from time to time.

5. Homeowners’ insurance benefits

Replacing an old garage door with a new and modern one generally is like adding a security feature to your home meaning that you have reduced the risk of potential break-ins. Therefore you will be able to get the insurance benefits in terms of reduction on the total amount of premiums paid. Always inform your insurance company when replacing your garage door.