A broken garage door torsion spring can absolutely stop your garage door in its tracks… pun intended! Your garage door is really big, and can weigh as much as a couple hundred pounds. So how can it be so easy to lift it? Sometimes they can be lifted with just one hand and seem to only weigh a few pounds. Well, that is where the springs come into play. The way the torsion spring is designed, it basically takes the weight of the door and transfers it to the spring. That’s why a seemingly lightweight door… all the sudden becomes extremely heavy if you’ve experienced a broken torsion spring. Ready Lift Overhead Door team offers torsion spring repair for your garage door.

Repairing a torsion spring can be as easy as adjusting the set screw and re-tightening it back down. But typically, this is not the case. 9 times out of 10, the spring is broken which requires an experienced professional to do the replacement.

Replacing a torsion spring without the correct tools and knowledge of how to do it can be very dangerous. It has a tremendous amount or torque and pressure on it. So, for that reason… we highly recommend not trying this one at home. We’ll be more than happy to do this for you.

There are a couple other type springs involved in the mechanics of the garage door assembly which a Ready Lift trained technician will be happy to advise about and assist with.

If you’re tired of having to repair an old worn out door, be sure to ask about all the modern makes and models we carry and install as one of Atlanta’s top garage door suppliers.

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